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Here you will find a list of USDA approved Homes, in addition you may use the search to find USDA rural housing in your area by using the financing type tab on the quick search.  You have found the best USDA Homes search website with a complete list of USDA eligible properties in Central Florida.  You may also search USDA foreclosed homes on our Florida HUD home page.


What is the USDA?

United States Department of Agriculture was not originally designed for mortgage loan funding it is and was the lead federal department whose original role was to provide farmers in America with a source of knowledge on agriculture, it was a place a farmer could go for general information. This role of the USDA continued until the Depression years when, because of low prices of agricultural products, the USDA launched the first support commodity prices and income. The USDA has broad powers to deal with agricultural issues, to conduct a series of studies, research and also engages in other activities of intelligence gathering. The USDA works with state, county, municipal and tribal governments to use a variety of tools to protect the public consumers and farmers and ranchers. After several attempts to get Congressional approval, the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) of 1938 passed. This law has historically been reauthorized in subsequent sessions of Congress since its passage, in 1996.  That is why there are sometimes funding issues at the end of each fiscal year, when it comes to USDA loan funds.

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